There and Back Again!

Well now that we are back safe and sound life is getting off to a good start for the most part. The other day we went to to doctors to check up on the baby and hear it’s heart beat. (SideNote: Debbie my wife is due at the end of June, we are not sure yet what it is and think we will wait untill then before finding out if it is a boy or girl.) the last two days now back from our long trip away I have started building toy boxes. for the kids to put their new toys in. I have two made and have started painting one of them. They will be white when I am done with them. I have alot of things this year I want to do, start, and some things get done like school. School starts back for me on monday. I am not really ready but never am when it comes to school. I am currently trying to think of some ways to set up my office for the baby. It will have to share my office untill when we live here. I think my sword that hangs on my wall will look great right over the crib. Maybe my printer on the changing table. I think my drum will fit in the crib, My hats might go all over the wall, and The rocking chair may have to go outside. That leave the baby Not really sure where he/she will go? maybe room on my desk next to my laptop. Anyways I am still not sure how I am going to do it at this point. I will keep the world updated in time.

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