New Seasons!

2016 Foursquare District Conference

      So I guess for those who didn’t know already I should make it public. A few weeks ago I posted on Facebook about coming to the end of a season and beginning a new season in life and ministry. One year ago I even preached a sermon titled “Seasons“. I talked about two truths in that sermon. One found out of Ecclesiastes 3:1 “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven…” and Daniel 2:21 He changes times and seasons; He removes kings and sets up kings; He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding” If you know me you know I have been sitting in a season of preparation the past few years. We have been preparing for something big, something great and something supernatural that only our Father can orchestrate. In this past season of preparation and the long waiting, God has been working in the background preparing not just mine but the whole families hearts, minds and bodies for whats to come in this new season.
      As many have already suspected entering into new seasons sometimes means moving to new places. We will be indeed moving in 6 weeks. We apologize for such a short notice to our local friends. With such a large move it takes time to plan and set the ground work in order to move. It may sound fast however this has been something we as a family have been praying and talking over for a long while now. Our timeline has been changed a few times however we are learning that God’s timing is always right. Though we have been praying and seeking God’s will for this new season for a while now I believe it was only a few months ago while on our family vacation that we received a blessing and anointing by the Holy Spirit for this move and new adventure to happen. A few years ago while driving to work one morning I heard the Spirit say “Get ready, you are about to enter a new season, start to prepare.” (You can go back and read a little bit of that journey from my past blogs from Long Seasons and Keep on Driving.) I believe He is now saying “okay, It’s your time to go”.

2019 National Foursquare Conference

     Over the past few months we have had a few ministry leaders and friends partner with us in prayer over what is to come for us in this new season. Many of you have even been praying for us without knowing all the details. We want to thank you! It is in Prayer we stand in Faith for the Father to move within us and through us in this next journey. So what does the future look like… Well we can’t tell you everything just yet. However this is what we can say. Last month Debbie and I transferred our ministry roles as Pastors to the Southeast Foursquare District. We have met a lot of amazing leaders and feel honored to be part of this District. We are learning no matter what District we are a part of Foursquare is our tribe. We look forward to making new friends and working along side some awesome people of God. We are sadden to be leaving our friends and family and those we have grown so close to over the past 7 years living in Colorado. Thankfully as Debbie has roots in Colorado we won’t be too far way and will be returning to see friends and family throughout the year. So the big question we get asked is where are we going? Well we will be moving to the sunshine state of Florida. We will be on the beaches of the east coast an hour from Jacksonville, Orlando and Cape Canaveral (aka NASA) and not too far from some of my family.

2020 East Coast, FL

We would like to ask for continual prayer for our family over the next few months as it will be a bit unconventional in ways as Debbie will be staying in Colorado for the next five months to finish her Masters in Healthcare Administration and continuing her role at work. The kiddos and I will be in Florida setting up house and getting planted in our local community. Debbie will be flying in a few times each month and will join us for holidays until she joins us fully in March 2021. In some ways this will feel like a military family with one family member deployed. This will be difficult at times especially for the kiddos but we know long term this will be best for our family and worth it in the end. We are excited for this new season in life and new season of ministry. We are honored to be able to serve God and serve His people as part of the SED (Southeast District). A little later down the road we share more about the details of our ministry and were we will be serving.

“For every new Assignment there is New Anointing”