Abiding in Him

While looking over John 15 I am drawn to the that the word “abide” is shown 11 times. Many times throughout scripture we see things repeated over and over again. I know I have to constantly tell my children to clean up after themselves or to feed the dogs. Over and over again you would think they would start to get it and remember to do these things. I bet this is how Jesus felt when he has to say “abide in me and I in Him…”

A few years back I was given a signed copy of the book “Lessons from a Venetian Vinedresser.” by¬†Robert Scott Stiner. One of my favorite reads off all time. It really looks at what a vinedresser of the vineyard really does and how that relates to God. Just hearing how much time the vinedresser spends working his grape vines and attending to his vineyard. Is a powerful reminder to me that we are not perfect, we are always growing and He is never down with us. A few points I pull from John 15 as I read over it and think back on Roberts book.

Staying Connected produces Fruit. But not any kind of fruit. It’s “Much” fruit its fruit that can be found in Galatians 5. The fruit of the spirit. One truth I found out reading about vineyards is that grapes can grown in 3 years. However the grape is not really ready for quality wine until atlas 5 years. We all know as wine sits it only gets better over time. I think this is so true for us as Christians. As we grow and learn over time. As we sit through the storms of life our walk with him and quality only goes deeper. I am so thankful that God is not about quantity but quality in my life.

The next truth I found was Disconnect produces nothing. “If anyone does not abide in me he is thrown away like a branch and withers..” Without him we are nothing and what a better remember to this truth then to look out and see this lost world and all the things going on in it. Have you ever tried not to “abide” in him? The bible says, apart from me and YOU CAN DO NOTHING! I don’t know about you but in my life I need to abide in him. Because I know that without him I can’t make it through those storms, that sickness, the hurt the pain of the world. Those times we battle with those dark forces unknown.

One last time I noticed when researching about vineyards and those who attend to them. At the start of a new crop they put stakes up next to the vine and root system

. Once grown starts to happen and form the branch comes up and out on both sides of the stake. if you step back and look at the young vineyard you start to see crosses form. What a powerful reminder that without the cross we are nothing.

God is good!