~Where am I going?~

You ever drove down the road and it starts to get so foggy that you cannot see where you are going. Sometimes we have to pull over however there are other times where we have to keep going, but we have to look down at the white lines to let them guide our way. Making sure, we do not fall off the road or that we are not driving in the other line. Sometimes at night this happens where our headlights only go so far and we are unable to see too far down the road. We depend on the lines and what is right in front of us to guide our way. Ever feel like your life is like this. We can only see so much but there is too much fog in the way to see too far down the road. I know I do, I personally feel over the past few weeks I am not sure what is down the road for me. I have one thing in mind, a destination I want to go, I set my goals, plan my trip and prepare for arrival but as I go deeper and deeper on my journey I start to wonder where am I going…. Am I even on the same road I started? Has my destination changed? The fog gets thick at times and I start to question my whole journey. Zephaniah 3 states in one translation that “God is in our midst…” If you look up the word “midst” you would know that it means “in the middle of” one synonym says “in the thick” Maybe be said this because he knew there were times in our life things would become thick with fog, and even in those times God is there! As I see my environment change around me I only have to wonder where am I going….. At this point, I am unsure… and I dislike not knowing. However, I can say that He is in my midst.