The Journey – Month 7

So it’s been a slow process the last few months however process is still going. Due to a knee injury I was unable to ride Goal4for about two weeks and was in two weeks of recovery rides. It’s not really been until last week I have been able to fully get back in to some high intensity workouts on my bike. With getting back at it, I have added some much-needed strength training to my cardio. I am still losing each week however not pulling the large double digits I have been. Plus with gaining some in muscle it throws my numbers off. I guess its normal at this point in the journey to slow down a bit and hit a few hills. I am hoping during the next few weeks to get over some of these hills and start pulling large numbers again. I think partly some of this is due to large stress at work and not giving 100% the past few weeks. Everything seems to be connected, stress, work, riding, sleep etc.. Guess I should limit my free days again… HAHA!  Speaking of free days I did have a Coke for the first time in 7 months, I was only able to get down three sips as it was the most disgusting thing ever. Not sure if my taste buds have changed that much or God just blessed me with a poorly made Coca-Cola. I was more than happy to walk away from it, for now. I am still feeling great and learning each day what my body can and can’t do. I am always shocked that the simple things I can do now that I have never been able to in the past. I guess most people wont understand that unless your been or are overweight. #FATPeopleProblems

Anyway, as always “I’m not there yet, but closer than yesterday”