Living the Message

20140622-083013-30613538I was asked to preach this coming Sunday on Psalm 123. After reading the passage I really had to take a set back and ask God what he wanted to show me over these short verses. Starting to think this would be one of the shortest sermons I would have preached and not 100% where I am going with this. I gave it to God and asked Him to show me something here.

When you give something to God you really need to be careful what you ask God for. He might just take you through something in order to show you that something. When I asked God to show me something about Psalm 123 I didn’t think He would take me through just how the people felt as they sang that Psalm. Last week was on of the hardest weeks to get through. Turn after turn I felt the world was coming down on me. I really got to the point where I just couldn’t stand it anymore and there sitting in my office I am pleading out to God just as the psalmist did in Psalm 123, Lord have Mercy, Mercy Lord Mercy! I knew at that point what God was trying to show me. He was trying to help me understand what Psalm 123 was all about.

When I came back to the Psalm this is what He showed me.

  1. We need to learn to Look Up! Our God is a Big God! And I don’t need to forget that.
  2. Don’t Miss what God’s doing or about to do in ourselves. There is greatness in God’s hands!
  3. And the last thing he showed me was Don’t give up on Him! God never gives up on me.

As I take the next week to do some more studying in God’s word and letting him show me I am going to take it at heart that maybe this sermon might not be for anyone else but myself.