~CPR for Writting~

Okay so I know it’s been a very long time from the last time I wrote however with life changes its been one of those things that always get pushed to bottom of the list. I think I could write a book alone on everything that has happened over the past year. I guess that’s part of what this blog was started for to begin with many years back. When many of these life changes over the past year my hope is to be able to bring life back to this blog and remember the reasons to why I once starter blogging. I know over the years it seems less and less people are blogging and Facebook and Twitter as taken over. However there is only so much you can say with 140 characters. Sometimes you just need an outlet whether anyone is listening or not. So here it goes time to give some electric shock and get this thing going. I guess first things first. I have moved from my long time love of Google’s Blogger to WordPress again. This time after many years passing and my new found skills and love for some of the new things WordPress can do, I am bringing this blog back under a new platform and title.

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