Easter Reminders 2016

With it being Easter and Spring Break ending, life back on track and busy weeks ahead of us I had to stop one last time. While listening to some powerful words in church this morning during worship I was reminded of a song that came to me many years ago. Let me back up just a little… Many people know my background as a Pastor and leadership in the Southern Baptist however many years before entering the Southern Baptist church I grow up Nazarene. If you know anything about Nazarene you know they bring life to Southern Gospel. Growing up with Bill and Gloria Gaither along with the Mama Vestal Goodman in your life puts hymns to a whole new level. Sorry Baptist you have nothing on the Gaithers! Anyway back to my point. 13 years ago while an being associate pastor at a little county church in a small town in South Carolina I was also a part of a home church gospel quartet. Okay yeah I know so I tell people I don’t sing, well I don’t now so, no lie there. Any who… during this time we where given a song to sing over Easter weekend and I remember it till this day. I was reminded the words to it today while sitting in church and had to share the song from LordSong “Day Three” Even with it being a old song, I was reminded that the Story of Christ, The Cross and His Grace, His Love will never change.


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