The Anointing of Jehu!

In 2 Kings 9 we find that the country of Israel in in the middle of a spiritual, economic, and moral crisis. King Ahab and his wicked wife Jezebel have led the country in to one of the most idolatry times of it’s history. The people are now worship Baal and calling him god. In this mist of this God begins to anoint new men to lead the people. He begins by anointing a new prophet by the name of Elisha and then commands him to send a servant to anoint Jehu to be the king and to wipe out the house of Ahab.

In the beginning of chapter 9 the servant walks into the house where Jehu is sitting around with all of the captains of the nations military. They are just sitting. If ever there was a time when Israel needed it leadership to take a stand and do something it was now, and yet they all just set in idleness. The servant called out Jehu and there were a few things that happen to Jehu that we need to happen to us if we are going to walk in the anointing of God. Before I communicate what transpired in the Life of Jehu let be share with you what the anointing is. The Anointing is the power of God that comes into an individuals life so that they can accomplish the task, the purpose, and the call that God has on their life. The anointing only comes to those that have a relationship with God and is vital to success of a believer in ministry. The Holy Spirit anoints us so that we can lift up Jesus to a world that need Him. Here is what happen to Jehu and what needs to happen to us in the church.

1) Jehu was set apart. when the service came in he pulled Jehu into the inner chamber, representing a place of separation before he gave Jehu the two things that he came with, A Word and an Anointing. It is amazing how that God never calls us to do anything that He does not give us the anointing to accomplish. If we are going to walk in the anointing of God then we are going to have to have a time when we separate and spend time alone with God. In the still quiet times of prayer we find that God gives us the strength and the power to accomplish the purpose that He has given to us in life.

2) Jehu was covered in the Anointing. We think of anointing someone with a touch but Jehu was anointed with over 5 gallons of oil. The Psalmist told about those anointed when he described it as running from ones head to their feet. Jehu was covered in the anointing of God, and if we are going to be successful in what God has called us to do then we too must be covered in the anointing power of God. It is not enough to be touched but we must be complete filled with the anointing power of God.

3) Jehu was a different man. When he comes out of the room all those sitting down leaders are now standing looking at him. They knew that something was different about Jehu and they were ready to follow him and fight. When the anointing comes on you it not only effects you but it effects all those around you. The anointing draws people to come along side of you and fight shoulder to shoulder with you.

4) Jehu was Determined. After being anointed Jehu goes and destroy the house of Ahab. He kills Jezebel in the streets of Jezreel by empower powerfulness men to cast her down. The anoint has the power to empower those that are helpless and lift them up to do the will of God. The anointing made the watcher say “He rides like Jehu, in a fury”. The anointing makes the difference and it gives us all the power to do what ever God has called us to do and to defeat the enemy.

In His Grip,
-Pastor J

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