~There is Freedom~

At the end of Luke 5 we see Jesus having a discussion with the religious leaders of His day. Jesus gives them a parable about putting new cloth in an old garment and then a parable about putting new wine in an old wineskin. There is no doubt that they new exactly what he was talking about. One of the things that made Jesus such a profound teacher, was His applied to use simple things that people could understand to explain complicated things that they could not understand. Here in this setting Jesus was trying to show them that the old, inflexible religious system that they had could not hold Jesus. Jesus was challenging them to come up to the level in which He was teaching.

Today in church (meaning the body of Christ) there are so many people that are bound not with chains of trouble but they are bound within their own mind because of the way in which they think. The system in which we think and operate has us bound up so that we can not see the things that God is doing in our life. So many people miss out on opportunity because they think that they have to wait for the perfect and right moment to come alone. The truth is the most important moment of you life is happening right now. This could be the last moment you have and the perfect moment you are waiting for will never come. Because of the way in which we think we miss great opportunities that come our way. So many are bound in to thinking that they can have what God has for them if this does not happen this way or that, but the truth is that God is bound by circumstance of people. We waste so much of our life on things that make no difference, on things that have no importance to the purpose that God has for us. An example is trying to reconcile with someone that does not want to reconcile with you, and rather than just moving on, people waste years worried about something they have no control over. Working a dead end job for years and missing opportunities to have something better.

We waste so many moments on things that are not important because we get into a mind set. The Bible says we must “Redeem the Time”. We do not have time to waste on things that do not bring us closer to the purpose that God has for our lives. We talked about God’s Will for your life last week. We have to maximize the moments that we are given and that means we have to stop worrying about those things that we can not control. We have to stop living in fear of what people think and we have to work to do what God has called us to do!! We have to free our mind, body and souls. David said in Psalms 91 “I will rejoice and be glad”, I will means that he made up his mind that he would do these things. Paul says that we have to be “Transformed by the renewing of our mind”. We have to free our mind and make a change in order to go to the level that Jesus is calling us to. Only when we free our mind can we achieve what God has for us.

In His Grip,
-Pastor J

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