~Wake Up~

“The church that can’t worship must be entertained. And leaders who can’t lead a church to worship must provide the entertainment.” -Tozer

Sad but true.. I see so many times a pastor try to entertain the members of a church so he can get some loughs and some smiles. So the members will have that feel good mood and life is fun all the time with Jesus. Come to our church and we will make you lollipops and give your a good story. I am sorry but they are wrong. I want to be part of a church that’s about truth, love, passion, and letting the Holiness of God fulfil your life and in order for that to happen we have to be humbled at the face of Christ and in truth that sometimes hurts. Christ is not all about the white snow and the butterflies we feel from our bellies. I think larger churches have to watch out for this weekly not to turn into a place of entertainment rather then a place of real worship and honor. I have to say there are many churches out there that have big time pastors and have 1,000’s of members weekly who give the best show out there and are all about how much can we spend on the newest light show or biggest projector screen. Ever hear about the church who gave a car away to one of the “lucky” church member one Sunday. I think even in smaller churches seem to have issues of this unwanted entertainment by leaders and pastors. I once was a part of a church where the pastor was so wrapped up into the people liking him, instead of Truth he would use the word “Sex” more then “Jesus” in a sermon. How about the well known pastor who leads that large church many of us know that rather sing songs like “Highway to Hell” or see how many eyes he can get open by saying 4 letter words. This is all sad but things we are facing daily in today’s churches. I say this not to scare one away but for us to open our ears and eyes to what happening within our churches and to hold strong onto HIS WORD. and remember these words from Tozer. This past few weeks Pastor Andy from NPCC has been doing a sermon set on “Christian” and “What is a Christian?” He has be asking a lot of questions I think we as the people have to ask ourselves. How are we going to portray what it is to be a Christian. I think he hits it home in many points.

I hate listening to the news and if your know anything about me you will know I am not one to go on and on about the Govt and the state in which we live. I am not one for politics and if you really know me you may know I don’t vote. Yeah Yeah…. I know I can hear it in your heads and may even have fewer readers by this time. But again I am not getting into all that at this time but maybe one day when I have have nothing better to say I will give you the long pointless reasons I wish not to take part in voting. But anyway I do think we have to keep our eyes open in whats happening daily within our Govt. and hold onto the Word of God and (the belt of Truth) in these times. Okay I will get off my soap box for now and end this longing to be dreadful post. For the next few weeks I will be writing about some lighter side of things and talking about the living and breathing church. I have said a lot about the dying church over the past few weeks however It’s time to embark into life and those that are standing on the call and leading people to growing realtionship with Christ. And see you thought I was all dooms day on the Church….But frsit we come to the great story of Easter

“God’s not Dead, He’s surely alive. He’s living on the inside. Roaring like a lion….”

In His Grip,

-Pastor J

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