~Being Sick~

Yeah I know it’s been awhile from the last time I posted… It’s not that I have been lazy it’s been crazy around here. From life happening, work, church, ministry, children, paying bills, and all the other stuff that takes up ones life. However the biggest reason for the lack of post is me being sick for over 3 weeks now. At first I was thinking I might of gotten food poison and there may be some kind of truth behind all of it however days later I was not any better and it seemed after fighting with this sickness for weeks I went to the Doctor…. Or in other terms made to go to the doctor. Here is the updated posted on my facebook soon after returning from the doctors.

“So here is the update…. Debbie made me go to the doctor this afternoon and I spent all afternoon at the doctors office. I was given a breathing treatment as I was told I had breathing issues. It didn’t really work and just made me feel sicker. The doctor didn’t give my sickness a name however I am told I have fluid in my lungs but it’s not pneumonia at least right now. I now have 3 strong meds. If I am not much better by Monday I am to return to the doctor (oh joy) I am tired and my head hurts. I am to rest over the weekend and do zippo (what fun). And with all that I am now poor as poor can be. But hey at least the Doctor can have steak tonight.”

SO where does that put me today…. Well I am still on lots of meds and slowly healing day by day. I can’t really say I feel all that hot. It seems everyone in the house has gotten sick and I think Debbie is the last to go. My days are currently spent sleeping and watching the kids. Oh well I will keep it short and get back to me resting. Once I am back to 100% I will get back to my daily post. I want to thank my readers support and prayers from over this past month of sickness. God is good!
In His Grip,
-Pastor J

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