~Unhappy People~

Sometimes in life we face people who are unhappy. They walk down the path of life unhappy with everything in life. They lack joy in their life and even lack the Love of God. It hurts me to see these kind of people not that they try to hurt others or even myself but they make the choice to live in that darkness. Sometimes they have lived there so long they don’t know anything different or even that there is more to life then that black and unhappy place they live. It gets me how those unhappy people try to tear others down. Makes me mad but even more then mad it makes me feel sorry for them. I might lack a lot of things in life however I don’t lack joy, peace, love and even more the Love of GOD! I have great things to be happy for and I stand full of the Love of God. Why because there is more of God to go around! I think unhappy people put God in a box and give Him nothing but want everything from Him. It’s even more sad to see those unhappy people in the church. Some even call themselves leaders and teachers, How can they teach to Word of God if they can’t live the Word of God. Oh how sad it is…. We live in a fallen world of unhappy people. One day I hope and pray those unhappy people will find joy and love. And until that time I make a choice to leave them alone and stay away from their unhappiness. May God brake them! May He bless them and may He lead them His way!

In His Grip With Joy,
Pastor J

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