~A Page is Turned~

Many people starting to hear the news that I have been hinting around about for the last few weeks. It’s official as of this past weekend however I am guessing the larger announcement may not be made until this weekend. Over the the past many weeks and even month Debbie and I have been praying about what’s next in our lives. Back in November we felt God calling us to a new ministry in our area. So with much prayer and seeking His face over that time. God has opened doors for us in great ways over the past two weeks. God has been doing a great work in our lives and it has come that He is driving us to a place of much networking, new ministry outreach and even to the next chapter in our lives. Many times over the years God has turned the page of life and started a new life for us. So what does all this mean. Well it mean just that we start a new chapter in our lives. I officially resigned from Pineora (PBC) Sunday Jan 8′ 2012 as their Pastor of Students. And I will be ending my next few weeks with the students being my last day on Sunday Jan 22′ 2012. This has not been anything new or even a shock to what God is doing in our lives. This has been something that we have been praying over for a while now and been in fellowship with some of our past pastors and leadership who have given us wisdom on this calling.

With all that said what does this mean for our next chapter of life here in Guyton, GA.
We will be staying where we are and will not be moving anywhere – God has been called us to this area and we love it here. We feel over the next few months and year God will be doing a great work in us and will be ministering to the people of this area.
God has blessed Debbie with a great job in Savannah, GA and I am just blown away at what He has opened for her. Great paying job, benefits, and even a company van.
As far as myself God has also blown me away by blessing me with a great ministry job that is two-fold. I will be working with Lifeway Resources out of the Savannah GA. God has even lined up great in home childcare for both Emily and Ethan over the past week and I just can’t wait to see what more God is going to do in our lives this year. When God says go we go! This is a great step for me, not just as this will be the most Debbie and I have ever made, but will be a great way for me to network and enjoy doing what I do. Don’t get me wrong I love student ministry however God has been working in my heart of the past few months that my role in student ministry is coming to an end. This is not an end to my ministry but just the next chapter for my ministry. 11 years of full-time student ministry now to the next 11 years of my new ministry God is laying out in my life. May it be getting deeper into the Church Consulting or even into planting a new Church in the area. Thank you Lord providing great things!!!
In His Grip,
Pastor J

2 thoughts on “~A Page is Turned~

  1. Pastor J,
    I am truly saddened to hear this news about you leaving our student ministry. I know that I needed time away as a small group leader but was really looking forward to working with you this coming year both in building a better relationship (getting to know you better) and stronger student ministry (Seeing what God's vision is for our Students). You have laid good ground work that will help keep the student ministry going as we start the process of looking again. I know that with all the challenges in my personal life over the past two years with my fathers and father-in-laws health and then passing and the changes at church over the past two year I have had tough time with all the changes both personal and spiritual and I want to apologize that I wasn't the servant to you I had truly wanted to be and with God's leading was looking to change that this coming year. Working with students is a love I have that can only come from God. I am excited that the jobs have come to you and Debbie and in this tough time in our country and economy it is truly a work of God opening the doors for you to move forward in your new ministry. I look forward to seeing where God is leading you and the ministry that he has opened the doors for you and your family.
    Thank you for all you have done with our student ministry with our church. You have been a major force in PBC moving forward for the Glory of God.

  2. Thanks Scott for all you have done in the Student Ministry of Pineora. My prayer is that the PBC leadership and Student Ministry grow not in numbers but in Christ. And He would heal any past brokenness from years past! May the Lord get the glory and not man.
    In His Grip,
    Pastor J

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