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Over the past few years or so we have lived a holistc lifestyle. From the changes in using fresh foods, homecooking, growing herbs, to even alternative medicines. Over all our heath has been better, and healthier then years past. It’s a daily choice on what to eat, what to shop for, and even how active we want to be in our daily lives. However it’s more then just food and physical but metal and emotional and spiritaul well-bring. First off besides what you eat and do is where your heart is and asking yourself daily are you living out the standard of Jesus Christ daily. Part of living a holistc lifestyle is also keeping the world around you as simple and stress free as much as we are able. One of the biggest way can keep the stress down is as simple as what we put in our homes, offices, (for teachers – class rooms) and even in our cars. Ever see someones car that is got about 3 feet of trash in the back and no room to get into. I once saw a small car that a older lady had that had so much stuff in side it she couldn’t see out the back seat much less even get in the thing. I am always reading newletters, emails, websites, and blogs and the other day I came across this blog and found it to be really good info.

Although I don’t have any linguistic rules to back me up, I feel like it’s not coincidental that the word “home” begins with the same letters as the word “holistic” (not to mention includes the word “om”).Holistic living is being more and more embraced with conscious eating, preventive and alternative medicine, and simplicity. Holistic implies being “whole” or taking into account the “whole” picture – our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Historically, in the West, we have put a priority on physical health; while in the East, there has been a focus on spiritual health. Both are now being embraced and united with a holistic lifestyle. And now our home is coming to the forefront as another component of holistic living. More people are realizing that their home can be a source of healing – a place of essential change. Our home is second to our body as our physical dwelling on Earth. It is so closely related to our mind and body that the two have oftentimes throughout history been used interchangeably in religions, architecture and dream analysis. And this I know is not coincidental. For the last four years, I have gone to people’s homes to help them with energy flow, clutter clearing and even color selecting. And what I’ve discovered is that our home is a mirror of ourselves. And as we make changes to our home, we are making changes to ourselves. The energy patterns within you – physically, mentally and emotionally – are also present within your home. Have you ever had a great massage or bodywork where you left feeling great? And upon returning home, you fell right back into your old patterns – maybe your shoulders started to slump forward again or your breathing returned to being labored. If the energy flow in your home is “off” then the energy flow in your body will be as well. Energy flow in your home can be affected by furniture, accessories, clutter and the quality of energy. Here are a few things to consider in making your home part of your holistic lifestyle.
1. Remove furniture blocks. Do you bump into any furniture? Do you hit corners sticking out? Are there tight places that feel constraining? Too much furniture can be major blocks of energy and very stressful. And if they’re in your house, then those blocks are also in your life.
2. Clear emotional clutter. Clutter is stagnant energy. So if you feel stagnant in any area of your life, then there’s probably clutter lurking somewhere in your life that has taken form. If it’s your love life that’s stagnant, then clear out stuff from past relationships. If it’s your career that’s stagnant, clear out your office. If it’s your body that’s cluttered, then clean out your cupboards, fridge and clothing closet.
3. Inventory your accessories. Like a great outfit, accessories are essential. They can make an outfit. But if overdone, they can ruin an outfit. Such is the case with accessories in your home. Take inventory of the accessories in your home. You should love every one of them. Don’t use accessories to distract. I find that people who use too many accessories with an outfit are subconsciously trying to distract attention away from them personally and to their clothing instead. Don’t let your accessories distract you. Love everything in your home, including yourself.
4. Clear the Junk!. No one likes to sit at a table in the restaurant before it’s been cleared of the dishes left by the people who sat there before. Use fresh paints, clean the junk out and start fresh in any home. So as you become more conscious of your diet, exercise, spirituality and so forth, become conscious of your home as well. As you love your home, you will love yourself and find less stress in your life.

I found this to be right on with how we should set up our house, office and the space around us up. We keep things simple and clean and don’t over do it. It is shocking to me when I see someone so stressed out in life and then I go to there house and see ever wall covered with something… anything. and there is just so much “stuff”. Some people would think the more stuff you have the richer you are but I have learned over many years that’s just not true. I have found the keeping life simple we can keep our eyes on what really matters in life! There is much in his blog of the energy flow in your home. I think what really needs to be pointed out even more is the spiritual side of things. Just as Heaven and Hell are real places so are Angels and Demons. and we should pray and even “give back” to God (a form of Worship) our homes and to purge our home of any demonic attacks of Staten. Perry Stone has a great book out called “Purging Your House” I think is a great read for anyone wanting more info or who just likes to see differant point of views. I must say overall I do feel the writer of this blog has some good points to think about. Have a great rest of the weekend and May the Lord be the light onto your path.
In His Grip,
Pastor J

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