~Disc Golf Goal~

I got my Disc Golf Goal up today.. I am very happy with it. I can’t wait to get get to be able to use it outside. I hope to be able to use it some with our new cell group that we are starting this month. However with the time change coming it will get darker sooner and might be hard to use till later in the spring. I found there is a golf club in the city that has 18 holes of disc golf so I am making plans to be able to head out there and do some disc golfing within the next few weeks. If the weather works out this week I might head that way this week for a few rounds. For now we have put the DG Goal in the front room and Emily has been trowing her stuff bears into it as if they were the disc. I think when she gets older she is going to want to play disc golf.. Over the past few weeks she has been love coming into my office and playing putt putt with my golf club and prc ball. She is funny however great as she goes and get the balls and returns them for me.. It’s great! Well off I go…. HI Ho HI Ho…
In His Grip,
Pastor J

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