Monday Morning Coffee

reduced-messy-deskOr should I say afternoon coffee. Some Monday mornings are slow and some like today are faster then others. Today I feel like I have been able to a lot done even within the few hours I have been working. I have lots more to do and feel I will be ahead in the week by the end of today… Lets just hope and pray that is really how it stands by then. So I am on a few projects one this new vide project with PBC. I am filming a welcome Info CD that will be given to people as a welcome gift. Who doesn’t like free gifts and even in this world today who doesn’t like cool CDs and media stuff.  I hope to have filming done by the end of next week, so I can start on editing and studio work. The long and boring parts. LOL

So on if you know we very well you would know I love change and in my book of life change is always a good thing. So this month I am thinking about changing around my office once again. I am not liking the layout. One due to it’s just small and too I so dislike the color. After our makeover project with the student center we have paint left over. So I might throw some paint up to give the room a fresh look. I also need to think about some of the fruni (or furniture)  in the room to give it a nicer and home feel. My goal is to have a small group meet my office weekly. I have a few ideas of what I can do. One idea is to what we had at NPCC with a closed smaller desk and them while sitting area. I think the biggest thing will be trying to rethink this massive filing system. Who knows I will come up with something. Well back to more important things like coloring, spinning around in my chair all day… Okay so I don’t really do that but hey wouldn’t it be fun if I could. Well maybe not but hey at least it something. Okay I am honest this time back to event and focus planning.  

In His Grip,


Pastor J

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