A Day we remember but a God we forgot!

So it’s this day 10 years ago we stood at the shock of the attacks on the USA. I can remember it as if it was last week. People of all backgrounds colors and beliefs went seeking Christ and God like no other. But it seems over time God faded away and people got back to their lives without Christ. There is so much I could say on my ideas and beliefs on what I think really happen. And yes that puts me on the conspiracy theories wagon but again we all have the freedom of what we want to think. But anyway I will save all the blah and fuss and get to the heart of what today is about. Christ and only Christ. We will always keep in mind the day the world stopped but even more importantly We will remember how powerful God really is even in the hard times.

In other news It has been great to spend Sunday night with the family. It has become very rare we get any time with family on sundays as we are always on the go with church here church there and doing so much. It’s a great reminder to the fact that we can do so much for God we without to spend time with Him.. But again thats another story in it’s self.
God is Good!
In His Grip,
Pastor J

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