Good Bye WordPress

Okay so I have given wordpress the past few months and I am just not as happy with this site as i am with my old blog. So I am heading back to my old blog. From the set up to the layout of how things are done I just don’t think things are as good or can we say as strong as googles blogger. It could be that I am just too new to worpress or that I am a bigger fan of Blogspot but I think it will work out best for me to go back to my blog home site. For the ones who are following me on this site feel free to up over to my other blog and follow thier. I have more followers there anyway so i am not going to be missing much jumping back. besides I have used blogger for years and plus I own the domain name. Maybe in years to come and when wordpress changeshow they do some of thier stuff I will return. For now Worpress so long!

If you wish to follow on my old blog just go to: 

In His Grip

Pastor J

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