Fancy Fridays…

So years ago I started this thing called Fancy Fridays where I would where a suit to work… Well after two kids later. having a jam-packed schedule and no A/C in my truck I have done away with the Fancy Fridays. So it has become jeans and a polo on Fridays and I am doing good to have them clean. Speaking of schedules guess what this Saturday is……. Football Kick off! and boy and I ready. Maybe my teams will be have a good year. Yes I have a few teams. I am the trader and can’t keep a fan of just the one team. But I do have my top LOL. So My plan is this weekend is to lay around eat chips and, wait we don’t buy chips.. On well, and watch Football. Yeah is sounds like a night lazy weekend. Now the truth is I have a do to list a mile long and have to get the grass cut as well as clean the truck and work more in my home office so yeah I don’t think there will be too much lying around. Oh well life will move forward. Till Next Week!

In His Grip

The Lazy minded Pastor J (sounds like a book)

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