Time Flys…

Okay so I have not updated in a very long time… It’s so sad I have gotten away from being about to blog. I need to make it a point to pick it up again. It’s not that I hate doing it but more then I have some much going on. I hope that now school is back I will be able to keep things updated. I must God is one powerful God. Even in the times there seems to be no light and no end in sight. He still shines. Here is a plug-IN from my last Grace Talk. A monthly post from the church newsletter.

~Grace Talk~
Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised! I am floored by the Greatness of our God and stand in awe of His never failing love for us. I was once again reminded just a few weeks ago how powerful the breath of life truly is. From watching my 3 year old daughter lay lifelessly on the banks of a pond, to seeing God’s presence surrounding her little body and restoring life once again to this pure at heart child of God. For I shout, How Great is our God. Each morning I walk into my office to see the following words posted on my wall that states, “Good Morning, This is God; I will be handling all your problems today. I will not need your help, so sit back and enjoy your day. -Love God” No matter how big our problems day to day may seem know He is forever faithful and our timeless redeemer.
Over these past few months our student ministry has been full of transition as well as growth in both numbers and relationships with Christ. As summer ends and School starts I am excited to see what great things the Lord has planned for our Student Ministry here at Pineora. Starting this month we will be kicking off a new series called “Journey”, were we will be looking at how our decisions determine our destination in life.

In His Grip,
Pastor J

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