Nine Basic Beliefs About Student Ministry

1. Students matter to God and warrant our efforts to extend the gospel to them.

2. The gospel of Jesus Christ must be presented in a way that is relevant to the

culture of middle and High school students (Eph. 6:18,19).

3. Evangelism is a process and is best accomplished within the context of


4. There are various levels of spiritual interest and Christian commitment among


5. Effective student ministry is done through the development of real

relationships between believers and non-churched students.

6. Student ministry done with excellence reflects God and attracts students.

7. Student ministry is to be reviewed and evaluated for real effectiveness.

8. Student ministry should be built on the team principle–not on the gifts of one


9. Every student, once they become a Christian, is capable of and should be involved in

the work of building God’s Kingdom.

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