The Bench Driving God….

This morning seemed to go very well. I am not about numbers but we had more students then last week. We had Q&A with the students and spoke about where are we going in life and what we are passionate about. It was great to see everyone thinking and even hearing the heart of a few. I must say It has been a blessing to have our new “Lead Worshiper” Pastor Brain join us the past few weeks. Worship has been a great time to come face to face with our Father and set our hearts on Him!

Forgive me but somthing that gets me is the term I have heard so many times in the Church body and within the Christian body for years. “The Lord Showed Up, Today” In the context of Sunday morning worship, sunday school or even within a small group or bible study. Sometimes I want to shake people and say It’s not that the Lord showed up, it’s that you woke up on Sunday morning and came to church. For years during my 11 years in ministry (Praise God It will be 12 years come this Aug) I have told the story of The Bench Driving God;

There was this young couple driving in a pickup with a bench seat. They were so ”IN-Love” They had to sit right next to each other in the truck. While the man drove the girl had to be right next to him at times it look like she was right on top of him in his seat. Years later driving the same pick up you see the girl or the mans wife now married on the other side of the seat. There being a big gap in the middle (for another person to be able to sit in the middle of the two of them). The wife ask her husband, ”Honey, Whatever happen to the younger days when we were ”IN-Love” and we sat together.” The husband replied “Sweetie, I have not moved, I still in the same seat.”

Is’t it the same with us in Christ?!? We become so passionate for Christ and become “IN-Love” with Him over the years we start to move away from Him and one day we wake up to the fact that something happened…GOD has always been there… Hello… The Past few weeks We have been talking about the Soundtrack of God and the Story of God and Hello everything is the story of God and like it or not we are in the Story of God. One day we are going to wake up and notice that there is something bigger then me (like the story I told this past week at Diversity about taking my mom to the airport) I woke up that day to the fact that there is something bigger then me. GOD never left! He is still driving that pick up. It’s we who have moved. It’s us who make the choice to come to church to meet with Christ. And It’s us who need to make that choice to wake up to the Story of God. What a great reminder of this truth. Okay I will get off my soap box and stop preaching now. 🙂 God is good!

In His Grip,

Pastor J

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