Little Blessings…

Little Blessings in life must never be over looked. As I posted last week about our sound mixer for diversity gave out. After spending more hours looking over it I found that the internal amp can’t support what we want to do and use it for (at only 150w vs. using 500W). It seemed to be a big issue last week however God said He was bigger and He sent a blessing trough a member in the church body for us to be able to do what we need for upgrading our media for Diversity. So this morning I set forth to get what was needed to replace and upgrade our mixer… In the end the company gave me a discount of $400 off. Again this afternoon God sent another blessing in the fact that we got a big discount on paint. A savings of $200 off. Some would say wow I got lucky today, but luck had nothing to do with it. God’s sends blessings in all different sizes, shapes and colors and even trough great people. We can’t forget to Give thanks to HIM. One of the biggest Blessings I have gotten over the years was the birth of my children. I was reminded just last night how much Love God has for us. While putting Emily to bed she made my heart stop when she looked at me while walking out of the room and said “Daddy, I love you.” She has said this many times before but boy it was one of those times in life that just warms your heart. The Heart and Love of a Children for their Father… It is a great reminder that we can’t forget even the little blessings in life. And how Great our Father almighty really is. How simple but powerful are the words “Daddy, I love you.”

In His Grip,

Pastor J

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