Good Morning Coffee…

I will have to say the past week I have really been enjoying my morning cup of coffee. I sure not good for me to have in the first place but boy don’t I enjoy it. Along with my coffee I have listening to a CD I have by Chris Tomlin, Worship. It is a great way to prepare the day. I was talking on making time for God the other day and today I am reminded how we need to not just make time for God but we need to prepare our hearts and minds for Him as well. There are many of ways I am sure to do this but for would be to listen to a good worship CD. Back in High School before I went of to College I was given the Audio Bible Old and New Test for a gift. I have used it many of times to over the years (some not as much as I would have liked) but I find that listen to God’s word helps me come Face to Face with God and lets me focus on Him and only Him.

In His Grip,

Pastor J

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