A New Welcome…

So after many years of using Blogger I am now welling to give WordPress a try. If I find I don’t like it I will switch back to my old blog. I guess I have to first learn how to use this thing. Let’s hope I am able to keep it updated as that is the my biggest issue with a blogging but again that is the biggest issue for most people I am finding. At least people who have a life full of things to do and not a lot of time in the day to do it. Speaking about making time to do things. What a great reminder to make time for God in our lives. If you have known me for any bit of time you might have heard me say the statement “You can do so much for God you forget to spend time with God”.  Sometimes we have to take some time to listen and stop talking all the time. As a pastor it’s very easy to get in the habit of doing just that. Well til next time!

In His Grip,

Pastor J

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