Job Details….

Okay I had a few people ask me to give a little more details about the interview I had to day and a little more about what I would be doing if I got the job. I tried to make a post on facebook however I went over my word limit. My job interview was with Watchman Broadcasting Christian TV studios. The job that I was interviewing for was Master Control Operator. The best way to compare the studio is to TBN (

Trinity Broadcasting Network

) if anyone knows what that is. They have cooking shows, preaching shows, music for all ages. They even have a station for teens. They are aired all over however we don’t get it here Directv But I do think they air on one of the packages you can get with Directv. The do have local stations in GA, TX, CA, a few states up north and even some international stations. Some of the people and shows they air are: 700 Club, Kay Arthur, John Hagee, Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyer, Lakewood Church, Gaithers Homecoming, CBN News, In Touch, Benny Hinn and many more people may know. They also have there own programing in house(Studios) a cooking show, prayer hour, Talk show, “by the book”, and the also air a few Christian movies at times. You can check out there website at

As far a the job the best way I can tell you or show you what they do is send you to this website. They give a good detail list of what they do.
On that page you can even see a few pictures of what the control room looks like. It’s a 24 hour 7 days a week thing so I could work at anytime of the day. If I do get the job and worked the night shift I would also be over the prayer line. So when people call in at night I would talk to them and pray for them over the phone. This was fine by me and with being a pastor this gave me a big point. I did enjoy my tour of the studios today and found the station to be very nice but again when you have over a million plus in something like this you only want the best. It was neat to see what happens behind the scenes of a big network like this. The funny thing the each set and stage area looked like something that you would see on TV… oh wait it is something that you see on TV LOL… but the rest of the studio had stuff all over it, wires coming out everywhere and you had small paths (due to all the cases and media stuff laying around ) to and from different areas of the studio. So yeah that the best that I can tell you, more of a detail list of what it’s all about. However only God knows what will happen.. If nothing else it was cool to learn and see some new things. Keep Praying and I will be sure to let people know what happens. I should know something at the end of the week. Here is a picture of one of the sets I took this picture off there site. They where working on taking all the Christmas stuff down today but I did have my interview on the couch next to the chairs… Wonder if they were taping me without me knowing LOL (o)^(O)

I better not end up on the CBN News. J/K ROFL
In His Grip,

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