Prayer Request!

One of the greatest things about blogger I like is you can set a post to publish anytime you wish. So here I go to set this post as I am driving in the car. Last week I was called by Watchman Broadcasting (A Christian TV network) to be ask if I would come into a interview for a opening they have as master control operator. At this time I don’t know much about the job other then it’s only part-time and they pay is not very good. I have not really been seeking a job but this could be a great way for me to bring in something to pay a bill or two until my wood shop gets up and running. With my background in radio and church broadcasting this might fit some of my skills but again it has been a few years from the last time I did anything and with the fast tech world we live in I maybe too rusty. Well anyway I am off to the interview so please pray for me over the next hour as I have not had a interview in over a year. Who knows what will happen, however I will be sure to post a update or two once I know more. This could be a good way for me to get out of the house one or two days a week. Plus it could be a good way to network with people. So Yeah PRAY PRAY PRAY! My Meeting is at 2:00 pm

In His Grip,

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