~New Beginnings~

Just some updates on how things are going. Baby Ethan is doing well! Emily is still enjoying her little brother and doing very well with a little one around. She loves to compare her baby dolls with him and feed them while mommy feeds Ethan. Debbie’s mom and dad came to spend a little bit of time with us this past weekend and week. It was a big joy to have then around. Besides spending some great time with the kids and the fellowship we also got a lot done on our house. I would have to say about 75% of the work that needed to get done got done. It’s nice to have someone who know what they are doing and can do it right the 1st time. Shame we didn’t hire the right people. If there is ever a next time we will use different people. Debbie is back to work watching to boys and I am trying to do a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I am trying to read all my 100 of emails and interview a few new nannies as well as review some new families we have over the past two week while we where closed. Oh did I state that we have the Christmas tree and all our stuff up. It’s not a lot this year but again when your in a small house as we are this year a little is a lot. My goal was to do a little out side this year and start to build a nice display however I am not sure if I am going to make that goal but again this is only the 1st of the month…. maybe it will get done. The over all goal is the have my light display show along with music. Maybe one year!! While working with Debbie’s dad this week on our house I got to find all my tools again and so miss my wood shop I had a few years back. If I had the wood I would build one but again that will have to wait for now. But I was glad to get some time to find all my tools an stuff and find I had a lot of stuff. I would like be able to get everything in order again. Well I guess that is about it for now… I know I am poor at blogging and keeping everyone updated on “life in the woods” I will try to do better!

In His Grip,

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