~Welcome to our World~

Well if you didn’t know by now and I am not sure how one could not know but our son was born Monday Nov, 22 2010 at 1:55pm in the after noon. After months of waiting Debbie and I are over joyed with the birth of our son. Ethan Raymond Matthew Rogers was born at 9 pounds 11 oz. and 23 inches long, he was not a little guy! Given both prize for biggest in Debbie’s family and biggest baby for the week at the hospital. After around 7 hours of labor and 48 hours in the hospital we are home at last. Now for must needed rest for mommy and daddy!!!

A little about is name

Ethan a Hebrew name, A cymbal-player in King Davids court and author of Palms 89. Ethan means strong and optimistic, or solid.

Raymond comes from my grandfathers name.

Matthew comes from his/ “Ethans” grandfathers name (Debbie’s father)

So it is a great mix in families and very strong name that I think he can be proud of. Like Emily we will keep updated pictures. Emily loves her new brother and seems to enjoy the idea of being the big sister (Lord Please keep Emily from killing her brother) She has welcomed him with open arms and likes caring for her baby dolls while mommy cares for Ethan.

Now time to pray for rest and Debbie would take some time to rest and heal. She is super mommy and super wife and does too much.

Oh and a few days ago I was told I have gray hair 😦 I wonder if that means I have more gray hair now the Ethan is born??

And No it was not planned that we would have two children who have 1st names that start with Es, we just love the names!

In His Grip,


One thought on “~Welcome to our World~

  1. SO happy for you guys! We didn't mean to have two kids with R's but we liked Riley and Reagan. It works. If we have 3 more kids, I don't know what we'll do! Hope you all are well.

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