Short Up-Date!!

Well I can’t blog long today as I am in the library. Due to us not having the funds we don’t have Internet at home anymore. I know I am so sad about it but oh well. Maybe one day we can get it again. I am doing good just to try to keep up with all my emails much less my facebook and blogger. Just a fast update with what we are doing. Debbie is doing well she has been more… (sorry for the bad grammar we are back woods folks now) LOL … more sick then with Emily. every ones guess is it is a boy due to how she is feeling with this baby. I don’t really care and will take anything God gives us. I think It would be funny however to prove everyone wrong…. 🙂 Emily is growing and growing fast. She is hard headed just like her mother and pushing us each day. She is too smart!! She is always looking for something to get into and loves to watch her baby signing time dvds… a little too much. It is hard to keep her from going outside as she loves the outdoors and heaven to her would be me building her a nest or tree house in some tree, put her lovely and dvd in it and she would be all set… Oh and we can’t forget she would have to have a cell phone…. what is the age one should get a cell phone…. LOL just kidding I hope we can wait until she is at least driving before she gets a phone but how she charms mommy and daddy she will get one before them. In other news I am staying busy working part-time on the weekend while keeping things together here on the farm. Our gardening is growing and I am starting to see some corn.. Debbie thinks I have the garden too big and that we are going to have food coming out of our butts in the next few months. I think it is great!! Well my time or you can say post has been cut short… Emily and Debbie are back from reading time and we are off to get some things done. Till next time or when I get Internet again…. Please pray for us over the next few weeks and months as God makes plans and guides us in the hard times. I do have to say in all and all GOD is great and shows us His love for us each and every day. This time has been a good healing time and I can’t wait to see what God is going to do with us next. If you have not heard of seen we are praying hard and seeking plans to opening up a store in town… But not just a store but a ministry for ones in bigger need then us… Who would think during this time in our lives there are others who have bigger needs… But they are out there and we see them every day and out harts break for them. May the Lord use us for His great plan!

In His Grip,

P.S. Grammar and spelling is off due to the time I had to right this so sorry to you buffs out there who read this.

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