~Quick Update~

Okay, Debbie keeps bugging me about updating my blog, so here it is…..

Emily is still growing like fire… She grows so fast and everyday I think she learns 50 new words. Some words I am not sure if I even know but again she is smart like her mother. I gave her a bath tonight and she had to show me the right way to wash her hair, how to put up her dirty stuff and got mad when I didn’t use the right soap. She once again fell down the steps while playing outside. It was not as bad as before as it was only two steps in the front yard. He does look like she was beat and ran over by a truck… She has skin like her mother too and one tap and she is red all over for days. Here is a picture of her new fav thing to do… It’s not that she like taking all the kitchen stuff out it is that she wants everything color coded and does not like how the girls put things up after washing them. Like I said she is a smart girl.

Speaking of truck you maye have seen pictures of my new Dodge Ram truck. I love it, it was just want we needed for the farm. I got a good deal on it too so you can’t beat that. When I went into the car lot to look for something I was not planning to get a truck we where going to look at a mini van that they had on one of the ads here in town. After looking at the van I was just not sure it was a good fit with how it ran and looked. But before I left I spotted the truck and fell in love with it. I think Debbie likes it too, but she is not one to tell ya.
Now speaking of Debbie she has been sick the past few weeks and been in bed for a lot of it. A lot of sickess has been going around the house with the girls and everyone. I was sick for a good week. Debbie just got to a point where she could move and work again and then her ear gave her a run for the money. we had to go into the ER becouse the pain was too bad for her to handle, and if you know debbie you know she can handle a lot. She is currently on a lot of meds and more bed rest. I have been running things for the past week as she has been in bed. I am tired and so ready for sometime off.
As far as myself I have been fine for the most part. I have been very busy with the kids and trying to keep well from everyone being sick. I did get to sell a few items on ebay this past week and got most all of them sold at this point for great deals for me šŸ™‚ I sold all of our verizon cell phones as we don’t need them anymore. If you had not heard we move phones after being long time users of verizon… We needed something cheaper. In other news Debbie wanted a new dog so we are currently dog sitting two dogs for the weekend to see which one we like the best. on sunday we will pick one and give the other one back. I hope we pick the right one, So far they are both so sweet. I will give more info about them or should i said the one we keep later. Okay… Well time for bed for me before I fall asleep at the computer.
In His Grip,

There is one other thing I could talk about but Debbie says I have to wait until next week to talk about all that. šŸ™‚

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