~In the woods of GA~

Emily and I took Debbie to the airport for her short and hopefully sweet trip to FL. Last week she was called to come to home office by the VP of her company at this time I am not saying why as we don’t want to get our hopes up at this time. I will fill everyone in later in the week. With Debbie being in Fl that means she is not here “DING” Wake up! Emily and I are going to be alone and bored out of our minds. We will miss her dearly and we do. It was sad when Debbie left the car and said her go byes before going into the airport Emily gave a short sad cry. To get Emily and Is minds off Debbie being gone we went shopping…. 🙂 Got to love shopping!! There is not a lot of times Debbie is gone during dinner. So Emily and I set out on a mission to find something to eat. We came up with a seafood dinner.. Debbie does not like seafood so we don’t eat it a lot okay…. Never…:) Emily seemed to really enjoy it and you know I did 🙂 Here are a few pictures of what we made. Emily has fried shrimp while I had a little more hearty meal. Mussels and Greek style salmon. Pray for Debbie as she will be in some meetings in the morning that they will go well and good things will happen. Thanks – Jonathan

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