Back to Life!!

Debbie and I went out of town this past weekend to SC to see family. It really was not that bad of a stay. we stayed until Monday. Debbie got back to work and I got back to taking care of Emily and doing nothing else. I cooked again last night while Debbie worked late. I made my Greek Butter chicken. It turned out really good. I think it was as good as the 1st time I made it. I have done about 4 over the last year. It is something I am planning on putting on my menu one day when I get me a restaurant. If and when that every happens. On other news. we are still trying to get ride of Dallas and all the cats. They are getting just too much and Burke Co has nowhere for them to go. We have contact all the places in Augusta and even a few outside our main area and nothing. That or they will not take them do to us not living in the area. They even check your ID. I have put a ad online and hoping someone will take them. Emily is trying to walk more and more. I think she wants to do it but she is just not 100% sure of her self. Oh well, I am off to go find something to do. Here is a picture of my chicken I made last night. Sorry i will not tell you how I make it.

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