It’s been a while!!!

Okey so it has been a while from the last time I posted… I have been busy with the house and taking care of Emily. I will try to do better! (again I say will “try”)
This weekend was nice, Debbie Emily and I went to Carowinds and got to stay at the Hilton hotel. The hotel was not as nice as I would think for a Hilton but over all the stay was nice. We did take some time to stay at the pool and that was nice to get a good swim in. I think now I want a pool. Carowinds was okay Debbie had never been before, I am not one to ride anything but Debbie and Emily got to go on a few small rides. I think Emily really enjoyed herself. The best part was it was all free. 🙂 Thanks to Debbie’s company. On Sunday on the way back to GA we stoped in Anderson and went to church at It was great.. we really enjoyed see old friends and the people we love. Once our short trip to anderson we headed home to find most of our flas are dead and that the house was still standing… LOL (not that I would) Oh well… we are back to the woods and back to our slow lives. More later!!!

In His Grip,

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