~Our Path~

4th of July can and went… people came and left… We ate, slept, cooked, played, watched, and had fun.. I am now glad it is over and everyone went home. Emily start taking her 1st steps over the 4th and before long I think she will have it mastered. with having everyone in town it left us with a mess to clean up and fleas to deal with. We have been trying to kill them for a few days now and i think we are near the end… I didn’t say we killed them all just that we are getting near the end of them. As life is getting back on track Debbie and I sit to wonder what God has in store for us. It seems we are coming up to a fork in the road and we have to pick to we pick left or right… Which door do we choose?!?! At this point I don’t think we even know what chooses there even are yet. But I know it’s coming. Debbie working full-time is killing her and me staying home with Emily is killing me. Out money is shot and we seem to only be holding onto a thin line. At this point the only thing we are sure about is our Love in Christ. Christ is the only way we can make it to the next step in our lives. We pray this next book in our lives is one of greatest and blessings. I once preached on a sermon about finding your blessing. You can’t be blessed until you have been broken.. Well both Debbie and I have been cracked for a long time I guess it has just been within the past few months we finally broke. As we pick up our pieces and lay them down to the Lord I can’t wait to see what He will make with them. We have just gotten to the point we are starting to see the doors that await for us we yet to know what they are but we know change is coming… As far as our housing project. Things are still going slow… If you have not heard the last bit of news, the workers drove there tractor in the front of the house and for the past few days have been over there working on fixing it. When will we get power and be able to move in. I just don’t know, at this point in some ways I just don’t care anymore about it. I guess we will get in when we get in. Everyone and everything seems to be making it hard for the simple things to get down. We should of been moved in about 2 weeks ago but as you can see we are not. I wonder at times if we will ever get moved in. Only God knows! Well I am off to take a short nap while Emily is down for her nap and get some much needed rest. I send out a big prayer request that God will show us his path for our lives and open then right doors in the next few weeks! (The sooner the better)

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