Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to me! Today was a nice day Debbie and I spent a lot of time together and it turned out the be a good day. We went out to eat and then shopping for the food for the week. Emily seemed to have fun too. We wanted to go out to a Japanese restaurant but we have noticed that on Sunday’s most Japanese restaurant’s are closed. So instead we went to California Dreaming. It was nice I really would not think a city like Augusta, GA would have one but it did and seems to fit the market well. I even gave it a good review I will post my review soon on my other site. After dinner we found a nice place to stop and get some sushi yes I love sushi I think I have gotten Debbie more open to trying it in the past year. After we got it we went shopping at a really nice place. I think we will have to start shopping there each week and it is not as far as the more high priced place we went to before. So over all the day went well. I am a year older and life goes on. This year I am thankful for my wife who in all i do still loves me and my for baby girl who is the best daddy’s girl one could have.

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