Birthday gifts!!

So this year I got a new cell phone for my birthday. Like Debbie says I get a new phone every 6 months. Well I have to say it has been a full year and 5 months from that last time I got a phone!! 🙂 I don’t really want a new phone but my phone is broke and after taking it in two time to have it replaced and fix it is still not working right. The bug thing is the phone I have is no longer made and finding a replacement is a pain. So As it is my birthday and my mom is dieing to get my a gift I went with a new phone. The phone I am getting this time is more of a texting phone. As it seems 80% of the use of my phone right now is texting Debbie I got one I would not have to take 5 mins to get one thing out. I am not that good at pushing # a lot of times just to get one letter. I hope it works great and I love it as much as my other phone. I might hold on the my other one just in chase anything happens to this one. I will give updates on how it works as soon has it comes in the mail. I put a picture of what the phone looks like. I like the color and shape. It is a slider phone. Nice and cool style. I also get a few other things for my birthday but I will talk about them later (Internet router for our Verizon Card). I am tired and need a nap while Emily is down.
In His Grip,

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