Day of Cleaning!!!

So I am enjoying this Blogger Buddy for Win Vista. It is where you can post on your blogger from your desktop. It is a cool little tool. Maybe Debbie will even start posting more if she uses this thing as this saves some time as you don’t have to log on and go to all the links to get to your post. In other news. Family is coming to the farm this week so It is cleaning time. Dad is trying to get the back sun room done but due to the short time this week he can only do so much. He goal today is to at least get it dried in. Today is Tuesday so that means Debbie is working late. So I have to find something to cook tonight. I might have to watch Emeril to get some ideas. LOL Oh have I told you that we have a Cat that has baby’s? we are not sure when she is due but our guess is here in the next few weeks. We hope they won’t come this week as family will be in and we don’t really want little cats running around with them around. Oh well back to cleaning. In His Grip, Jonathan

PS> Emily started pulling her self up by her self today. YAY!!!

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