~Monday Morning Coffee~

Okay So we went to Savannah Ga and I have to say It was not the best trip we have had. We took a boat tour and It was nice but could have been nicer. We did get alot of info about the shipping port and stuff. Out of the 1 hour and 1/2 only about 30 mins was a new sights as we went down the river and back up so we got to see the same thing 2 twos. But over all I rate the boat tour a 8 out of 10. The roads however in Savannah Ga are not for baby strollers or small cars for that matter. The stones they have in the road are so bad I think the car lost a few nuts and srews. We were looking forward to a place we picked out online for lunch but when we got there and walked in they said they where closed for lunch during this time of year and that they will only be open for dinner. The internet showed they where open for lunch, the front door said they where open for lunch, the add we saw said they where open for lunch. I think they need to get there stuff together or close for good. After that we went to the beach as it was the 1st time Emily has ever been to the beach. It was really not that nice of a beach. The one thing we did notice was there was not really a salty beach smell there. We are not sure what that was about. We ended our day trip going to a what we where told a nice seafood restaurant and let me say We will not return. The dining hall was closed due to the time of the year we were told. So we had to eat in the sports bar. The food….. well lets just say I give it a F. The fish, Crab, and shrimp was not fresh at all. The one and only person working there looked like they had PJ’s on. and the price…. way over priced. for just the two of us it was $80.00 The only thing good I can say about the place was the view. It was on the beach and had a great view. It was the Dolphin Reef on Tybee Island. Stay far far away!!! Over all the trip was more to get away then anything else. I am glad we went but don’t think we will return to Savannah GA.

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In His Grip,

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