Okey I think I missed a day. I am not sure how. Maybe I slept trough it or something. I was told this morning it was Friday. What happen to Thursday? Emily however is not missing any days, at times I wonder if her days are longer then ours. She is growing faster in one day then I feel we grow. She has start this talking thing. At times it is cute and other times I am not so sure. I wonder what she is saying at times. Last night we went to return something at Babies-R-Us and got Emily a small stroller. It is light and small, great for fast trips to the store and the the park. We even used it when we went to the store last night. We also went out to eat to Ruby Tuesday’s, I will have my review on it in two weeks or so. I have started on each Wednesday having a restaurant review from place I have gone too. I also write a review for Oh Well time for Emily’s nap!
In His Grip,

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