Sunday Post

I did not get to sleep till about 1:00 am last night but seemed to get up in time for church. We went the mother church of the one we went to last week (Vineyard). I really liked it a lot better then the other one. I think Debbie liked it too. I loved the music but today they had a girl come and sing so I am not too sure how the weekly worship team is. The girl who sang is named top in Vineyard music and has a few CDs out I would love to get. I really enjoyed the way they had the stage set up for Christmas. They has really nice trees with two big banners with the names of God on them. The preacher I found to be a really good speaker and can hold the minds of everyone. He was in TV news (ABC, I think) years ago and I think that helped with the speaking part. I think it will be a good next few weeks has he peaches on Chirstmas. Emily seem to have a good time as well. She got to meet a lot of new people today. Over all I give today a A+ I think we will attend Vineyard again. Who knows what will happen. 🙂
-In His Grip,

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