Monday Morning Coffee

It seemed to be a okay day. Debbie off to work and Emily ready to play and eat. All is well. I got some work done in the yard today. It was not much but it was a little as much as I could with Emily taking a nap and the cats and dog bugging me. Well I was working in the yard I left one of the doors cracked and when I came back to get emily up for lunch I notice Emily was having a party. The Cat jumped in the crib with her and was sleeping at the foot of her crib while Emily was just playing as happy as she could be. I took the cat out and by the time I get back she was turned over and playing with her toys in the crib. It was the 1st time she has turned over in her crib. She is getting so big I am just waiting for the day she starts to walk. The other day Debbie gave Emily her bottle of milk to hold. Then she has to go do something real fast well the time she got back Emily had her milk almost gone. It was really funny I think we are going to have to our eye on her at all times now. Who knows what she will do when we turn our backs. LOL 🙂 Oh Debbie also called me today and while she was talking to me got in a wreak. As far as I know the car is okey I am told. Thank God she is okey!

In His Grip,

One thought on “Monday Morning Coffee

  1. It was not a wreck, just a fender-bender! And it was not my fault – some guy ran a red light and so when the guy in front of me slammed on his brakes, I did too, but still rolled into him. The car is fine – not even a scratch. 😛

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