Musings of a Professional "Dad" Edition

I think I am getting the hang of being SuperDad! I got the house cleaned, girls in the bath, kids doing craft time, blog, update paper work, check mail, take a few things to the relief house, fill my daily water jug and it is only 9:30. I am doing good. we did eat a little late due to me learning how to make meatballs for the kids tonight. I am beat and about to fall in the floor but I DID IT!!! Today Debbie and I went back to Doctor to get more news. So far the news we got was not too go. Debbie is sick and getting sicker but we can’t have the baby just yet. We need to wait just a few more days to let her body get more ready go have Baby. I am so ready to get on with it. I think the last week or so will be the longest yet. We also were told today that we get to have time off next week until the baby goes and then two weeks after that and more time if needed after the baby comes. I am so glad we get off or can I say (I get off) I am not sure what I am going to do after the 1st two days of sleeping. I am going to have to find things to do for a week until baby comes. Oh well short blog tonight but I still have time to rest, get a drink (just water these days) and spend time with Debbie before Bed!

In His Grip,

SuperDAD 🙂

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