Musings of a Professional "Dad" Edition

While getting snack ready for the kids to eat after nap today I came across a new kind of “little people”, “Block People”. One of our 3 year old boys likes to play in the playroom while everyone else is outside. He seems to want to be next to me all the time. He is a Type A person and a lot like myself. He is known as “Little J” because people say he looks a lot like me. He follows me around the house and has to stop at everything to tell me about it. When I went into the playroom to put out snack I found theses little people cars but in place of the people were blocks. Now maybe it was just me but I think it was really neat and smart of him. I have seen over the past few weeks he has been with us some really smart things he has done. Sadly little “J” will be leaving us in the morning to go back to mom and dad.
In other news the house is still standing and I even got some time to do some lite cleaning. After nap and snack today we had craft time for the kids who where not grounded. We made summer hats for them to wear while they are outside playing. I think for the most part they had fun and really enjoyed it. The best part of the day for me was that I didn’t have to cook tonight. Someone brought me a meal to feed to the kids. She even added a nice cake kinda thing. I am not sure what the name of it is but I took it added a few things to it to make it look first class! Thanks Mrs. Rona for a great meal. Debbie seems to be doing ok. she still get out of bed when I am not looking and I have had to call her down a few times. I think now that she is on meds and when she does feel better she thinks she can get up and be her old self. We do go in to the doctors in the morning and get the info on all the tests Debbie took this past week and hope for the best. At this point I don’t know what to hope for. In some ways I just want this to happen fast and soon so baby can come, Debbie can feel better and life can go on. I can feel my body getting slower and tired more and more as the days go on. I am starting to feel like the world is moving all around and I am not moving with it but just standing in place. I guess it’s all up to the Lord and all things happen in His timing not my own. So I will wait….

In His grip,


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