~February Highlights~

To start off with I must say I am sorry for not posting daily as that was my hopes for this blog. To keep it up to date unlike my other blogs, Myspace, Xanga and facebook. Our internet has been slow and dealing with Verizon takes time. I am currently waiting for the techies to get back with me on why the internet at the house is so slow. Pray that things will work out well.


I got a new grill after asking for 6 months Our dear friends gave me money to go get one that I like. I found a great deal in town. The 1st night I cooked 19 Pork Chops on it all at once. It has a big burner.

Project # 1 : I started to make little stools for my mother as she wants one for each of your 3 grandkids. Once she saw them she has requested more so she can sell at graft shows.

Carolina has found a new way to sleep. I am not sure if she likes her house anymore.

Project #2 : I have remodeled the back/side yard adding a walkway. the doghouse I built, New plants and

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