~January Highlights~

It’s not a spaceship or space robot. It’s me working on the Bobcat at 12:00 AM playing in the mud. There is nothing like moving mud to one pile to the next.

Burning the chirstmas tree soon after christmas. Just think this being in your house on fire. It took 40 secs to burn WOW! Be Safe out there.

Shopping trip #2 Here is how it went. Debbie saw some shoes she like and asked for some help to get then down. “Jonathan go get someone to get them down from the top.” I repled, “No I am tall and can get them down.”Reached up got the shoes no probalm while looking at the shoes we hear a crack and then a crash. We look on the row behind ours and this is part of what we see:

…we walked out of the store.

Okay so the last month we have made some really good stuff. More and more people are starting to think I sould open a store to sell this stuff. I just call it my late nite snack.

In his Grip,

One thought on “~January Highlights~

  1. Just to clairfy – I made the cheesecake, he decorated it. AND I asked the sales associate if we could help clean it up. Of course, we got the look that said “please leave now!”.

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