Week Two: 40 Days of Prayer

Day 8: One God-Idea

“..or speak to the earth, and it will teach you,
    or let the fish in the sea inform you.”
-Job 12:8

Thought of the Day: 

One God-idea is worth more than a thousand good ideas.


Just a side note to why we start Week Two during the week. If you remember when we started the 40 Days of Prayer we started mid-week.

This week we look at Luke 17:5-6

“The apostles said to the Lord, “Increase our faith!”

He replied, “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it will obey you.”

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If you would like to buy Mark Batterson book “Draw the Circle” or the study guide please do so, but not required for this online study. For those who have bought the books you can follow along:

Read: Draw the Circle Study Guide, pp. 27-44; Optional Reading: Draw the Circle Days 9-16
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