~Filling the Gaps~

A friend of mine, fellow blogger and ministry leader from back east, Tony Morgan posted a few days ago in the same ball park as what Pastor Lory stated yesterday. I am not a fan of posting others content however when it really hits home with the topic I have been on I like to add it in when I can, especially when its related to ministry leadership as most of my readers are leaders themselves. I think over the next week or so I will look into this a bit more and we will dig into some of my point of views as well as what I have seen work and not work over my years in ministry. A topic I believe we need to keep in front no matter how well your ministry is running, or not.

One of the phases of engagement The Unstuck Group has with most churches we serve is our Staffing & Structure Review. I love this process because we’re trying to align structure with vision and strategy. More importantly, though, we focus on getting the right people in the right roles.

As we’ve engaged this process through the years, I’ve noticed some trends in the types of people I find on church staff teams. Generally, you can think of four types of people on any team. They are:

  • Detailed Doers
    These are people who are more driven by the mission of what needs to be accomplished and they process decisions and engage their responsibilities at a slower pace. They are primarily focused on accuracy.
  • Steady Supporters
    This group is also slower paced, but they are driven by relationships more than the mission. You want people like this on your team, because they want to maintain stability.
  • Charismatic Connectors
    These folks are the life of the party. They are faster paced and they are driven by relationships. Because of that combination, they are able to deliver influence.
  • Mission-Minded Motivators
    As the label suggests, they are driven by the mission of what needs to be accomplished primarily in the long-term. They are also faster paced in how they operate and process information and decisions. They focus on delivering results.


I’m betting as soon as you read those four descriptions, you’ve already determined which is most like you. If so, that’s a good thing. As I’ve shared many times before, God wants us to become more like Christ, but he also wants us to become more of who he created us to be.


As you’re thinking beyond yourself and the team you are building, let me share some thoughts regarding these four wirings:

  1. Healthy teams have a good representation of all four.

    That’s a true reflection of the body of Christ. It’s a good thing when all the gifts and wirings are present. We need all the parts of the body. As you can see, each bring different perspective and focus.

  2. The natural tendency is to add people to the team who are just like you.

    To move from where you are now to where God wants you to be in the future, you need teammates who are different than you. They will bring unique experiences that you don’t have. They’ll have strengths you don’t have. They’ll help you minister to all parts of the body of Christ rather than the part that’s wired up just like you.

  3. Churches tend to hire people driven by relationships rather than mission.

    That makes sense. We are in the people business. The problem is that often church teams have gaps when it comes to systems and strategy and…wait for it…follow through. These are gaps that the Detailed Doers and Mission-Minded Motivators tend to fill.

As you consider the four different types of wiring, what’s the biggest gap on your team? You probably know your teammates well enough to guess where they land.

I bet you can start to pin point some of these with people in your leadership team. I know I can! I really appreciate Tony’s 3 key factors. I could think of a few more I see being important in bridging our gaps. This really gives us a starting point weather we are a new ministry, restructuring our ministries or even starting over. (oh that’s a scary thing… One I spoke on a few years ago. If you have been a reader for a while you might have heard me say “Sometimes we need to step out in order to step up.” Great stuff… Can’t wait to see where this topic goes.