~Serving Like a King~

Jesus washing feet of modern man wearing jeans

What a wonderful weekend of rest and worship and finding peace in Christ and each other. It was great that Debbie and I were able to stay at the suites in Denver this weekend as we attended our Winter training ministry conference. As we enjoyed a few days without the kids, not having to respond to emails, worry about school and work we were able to hear and see Christ speak clearly. I think sometimes we need to clear our minds, put away the technology and have a time where we just listen without distraction.

On Friday night Debbie and I went out for Indian food. Let me tell you that if you are ever in Long Tree check “India’s Clay Oven“. As we sat down to order from this full menu of authentic Indian dinning. We noticed an elderly gentleman who seemed to possibly be the owner of restaurant. Walking around behind the waitress providing people with a level of service I have not seen in a long time. Whether it was providing people with more water, fresh Naan(Indian Bread), or bringing them their orders hot out of the kitchen, something about him said he was here to serve you and that was his main purpose. As I watched him pour drinks I noticed a white linen cloth draped over his arm as if he was pouring the finest champagne money could buy. Every little move he made he did with excellence. Not saying much other than Thank you, Sir and Ma’am. His respect for you was none other than reverence no matter what we were wearing or how we looked. As he brought us clean warm plates from the kitchen he would wipe off any standing water with a black linen. To him he had to make everything perfect for each customer, to dine on the best china he had as if we were all kings and Queens.

At one point Debbie said she felt spoiled. I think for a moment we did start to feel like royalty. Maybe even feeling a bit unworthy of this extraordinary service.  Something told us this was not this man’s job to take our order, to bring us water or to wipe our plates. He was someone of higher power here. He was the owner, boss or founder of this great venue. He was the emperor of this places yet he served us. As the night went on I began to remind myself of the father in the park, how he was so in love with his son. Again, I was getting a glimpse of who Jesus is and was during His time on earth. He is the King of Kings yet He came to serve us as if we were royalty. Giving His best, making everything perfect for us.  The following quote came to mind. “God loves you more in a moment than anyone could in a lifetime.”

“…and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.”
-Romans 5:5